We are living in a mobile World where the world of information can be accessed by our fingertips. Growth and transformations in the mobile devices have been changing every minute. Users are accepting the devices that are faster, easier and better to understand. It has become a daunting task for the designers to create the best design experience in this modern world.

Latest techniques include:

  • Hidden Navigation: Even though hidden navigation is not the latest discovery, time has come to use it in a more creative way these days. Designers started using hidden navigations to save the space. Navigation drawer hides the functionality and it’s available only when the user is interested in.
  • Touch ID Technology: Earlier it has only been used for unlocking the devices. But now the use of Touch ID Technology has been varied from Dropbox logins to online account Payments.
  • Diffused Images: Designers have started exploring the mobile devices in an intellectual way. Eye-catching themes and backgrounds are created through diffused images.
  • Wearable Devices: We can see the boom of wearable devices. Apple has already been successful which provided the compatibility for various apps thus challenging the Android wearables in terms of speed and performance.
  • Personalization: Creative user Interfaces attracts more customers. Designers who added a personalized touch are becoming much famous these days. For Example, entertaining designs have been used by many users as they come with funny messages and notifications.
  • Less is More: The concept of Less is more has become a thumb rule in designing now. Popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler has been stuck to a single colour.From the user perspective bold and flash colors are no longer attractive.  The trend has been changed for calm and cool colors.




Logo represents our brand name. It helps us to identify our business uniquely among our competitors. In today’s fast pacing world, many new trends have been raised to attract more number of customers to the business by designing creative logos.

Hot Logo trends for 2017 include:

  1. Broken Letters: The way of creating the logos with broken text has become much popular these days.
  2. Cropping: It has been emerged as the greatest way of designing logos. The idea here is to represent the logo as simple as that while communicating the message.
  3. Photographic Textures: Do you want to add personality to your Logo? Why to wait? Go for abstract photographic texture which is the latest trend among the designers.
  4. Handmade Logos: It is the smartest way to design the logos with the wide range of effects.
  5. Line Art: It is the solid way of representing our brand name with single colour which unique and clean design.
  6. Framed Text: This technique of logo focuses customer to look at the company message or name.
  7. Negative Space: By cutting the images towards negative space designers has created a new era for designing.

The trend doesn’t stop here. It’s going to be an exciting year for new logo designs. We can expect the more new trends from designers which may surprise us by taking the designing to the new level.


Icons Pack for Designing (UI/UX/WEB)

Hello All,

I have found this site very useful while designing. It is usefull for all kinds of designing(Web, Android, IOS).
It is a desktop application and has many icons which are useful for designing. It allows you to instantly to drag and drop the icon you need.
Install the below file which is provided int he link below.

I feel it very useful. Try it.


Whatsapp Menu New Design Concept

I have Designed a new concept for Whatsapp menu, which is simple and is very easy to find the things. As we have to go through multiple clicks on whatsapp to update ur profile pic. the one which i present can access from any where. Also there is a concept of timeline pic. It also has an option of your name and Your Designation.

Whatsapp Menu Concept, Whatsapp

Whatsapp Menu Concept